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Ryko Radius
The modern and stylish exterior of the Radius can only be outshined by the performance, quality and numerous revenue-generating features that this touch-free wash system possesses. Your customers will be delighted as they leave your wash bay after having experienced what the best in touch-free systems have to offer. If you desire to have the best touch-free wash system on the market today, don’t settle for anything less than the Ryko Radius Touch-Free Wash System.

• Exclusive Styling
• I-MAXX Cleaning Technology
• Open Bay – Extra Large Vehicle Friendly
• Smart Arm
• Ultrasonic Vehicle Positioning
• Stainless Steel Frame
• Tape Drive
• Halo Rinse
• Overhead Boom
• Performance Chemical Delivery
• Reverse Osmosis Ready
• Frost Protection Ready

Options and Accessories:
• Custom Message Display
• Easy Access Covers
• Back Lighting
• Oscillating Wheel and Rocker Panel Blaster
• Fixed Undercar
• Fixed Undercar with Fixed Wheel and Rocker Panel Blaster
• Rust Inhibitor
• Tire Chemical Sprayer
• Frost Alarm Options
• Diagnostics Pager

Jim Coleman Water Wizard 2.0
Every Water Wizard 2.0 touch-free automatic is loaded with standard features. It includes most of the customer requested features an d then some. Every unit is equipped with Undercarriage and Rocker Panel Sprayers. The undercarriage provides a high pressure under the vehicle wash. It can be on or off during any wash cycle. The On Board Rocker Panel Sprayers thoroughly clean the wheels, tires, and lower part of the vehicle with controlled efficiency. The scrubbing action oscillating nozzles are among the many advantages provided standard with the Water Wizard 2.0. Moving the high pressure water so it attacks the dirty vehicle from different angles serves to peel the dirt away and get into areas that straight on spray patterns do not touch. Clean lower height vehicles as well as you do full size SUV’s. The control system scans and profiles the height of each vehicle at the beginning of the wash cycle. The system will automatically adjust the wash boom to multiple vehicle heights.

Options and Accessories:
• Wizard Contour System
• Triple Shine Conditioner
• Foaming Tire Cleaner
• Auto Height Adjustment
• Pre-Soak Heater System
• Two Step Pre-Soak
• Circulating Pre-Soak
• Oscillating Rocker Panel
• Auto Paging
• Freeze Control System

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